Examples of our medical construction capabilities include:

▪   Hospitals

▪   Medical Offices

▪   Surgical Centers

▪   Assisted Living Centers

▪   Medical Labs

▪   Other Healthcare Facilities

▪   Medical Building Renovations

In addition to Healthcare projects, mulitMED Construction Services Specializes in Construction Management Projects to Include:

▪   Civil Projects

▪   Government Facilities

▪   Infrastructure Projects

▪   Military Facilities


MultiMED’s Construction Division delivers turn-key construction services for state-of-the art medical facilities for some of the most prestigious clients globally

Healthcare construction projects require the highest levels of precision and experience because every healthcare project is unique. From new teaching hospitals, medical cities, hybrid surgical suites, to complex research centers; MultiMED’s hospital construction services are as varied as our clients’ needs.   We utilize our network of award winning healthcare construction professionals which are experts experienced in delivering state-of-the art construction services for healthcare construction projects internationally.


Unlike other hospital construction companies who merely manage the process, our hospital builders know what it takes to make your project happen.


We bring real solutions to the table, collaborating with hospital staff, design partners and industry specialists alike. Our extensive and well-tested processes in healthcare construction stem from our team successfully completing numerous hospital construction projects globally.


We align our construction approach with the Healthcare Institute’s practices, values and procedures. We accept “Zero Tolerance” in obtaining the highest standards in healthcare construction, effective project management and documentation controls, site cleanliness, innovative construction techniques, and contained material logistics, while delivering impeccable quality and craftsmanship. MultiMED considers the healthcare environment a Living Environment.


More than a healthcare construction management company, our builders are trained in the trenches, not in the office. They are experienced hospital building contractors who understand the constraints of sensitive hospital environments.  Add to this, our global network of hospital construction experts who share best practices, and you are ensured that whatever obstacle presents itself before, during or after construction, we’re sure to have the answer.

Construction Services

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