The global market for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) has been estimated by independent research groups to be in the region of $38 billion with the expectation of annual growth to be around 9%. With the diagnosis of patients representing on average 6% of total costs within a nation’s healthcare system, while directly influencing over 60% of total costs, the use of rapid tests provides an accurate and cost effective alternative to screening to obtain early diagnosis to facilitate both treatment and prevention of many diseases.


Rapid tests symbolize a key part to sustainable health solutions for the developing as well as the developed world’s fight against the spread of diseases whilst significantly reducing health care expenditures.


This is why multiMED has partnered with MedMira Laboratories, Inc. of Halifax, Canada, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of rapid diagnostic tools.  This partnership will give our clients the latest technology and medical innovations in this exciting and growing medical field of diagnostics testing.


Together with MedMira, we look forward to serving all of our clients with the best medical technology available.


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