Built on MedMira’s patented rapid flow-through technology platform, our rapid tests have achieved regulatory approvals in the most stringently regulated markets in the world, consistently demonstrating quality and performance.  Key features include:

   3-minute test procedure

   Instant results

▪  Easy-to-use, no specialized

▪  Built-in procedural and reagent
      control line

Up to 24 month shelf-life at 2-30°C

Whole blood, serum or plasma

No refrigeration required

No timers required

Results are easy to interpret

No specialized equipment required

Compact, single-use, 0.7 oz.



Cat. No. 815311000786


Qty. 30 tests per box

This format is ideally suited to testing at the point of patient care, settings such as mobile clinics requiring a portable and all-in-one testing solution.

Cat. No. 815311000775


Qty. 30 tests per box

This format maximizes customer flexibility in for testing serum, plasma, and whole blood specimens.

Cat. No. 815311000782


Qty. 30 tests per box

This format is ideally suited for laboratories, serum and plasma specimens, and batch testing.

Reveal HP detects HP antibodies in serum, plasma or whole blood produced in response to HP infection.


Helicobacter pylori (HP) is a bacterial agent associated with peptic ulcer disease and cancers of the human gastrointestinal tract.  HP infections, prevalent throughout the world, are treatable with antibiotics; however untreated HP infections can lead to stomach cancer.

revealHP rapid antibody test

Reveal HIV is available in three product formats:


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